The Lone Wolf | WWE 2K17 MyCareer [#7]

Before Dylan Greene steps foot in the ring with 'The Lone Wolf' Baron Corbin, he finds a few familiar faces on the card.

Loading Screen Simulator 2014 | Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments [#5]

Let's go investigating... Again. Oh. My. God.

I Hate The Council | Mass Effect [#5]

Our first trip to the Citadel is... well. Eventful.

Catching Up | Life is Strange [#6]

Chloe is back in Max's life, yay! Chloe is pissed that Max 'abandoned' her, BOO!

BOO. BOO. BOO. | WWE 2K17 MyCareer [#6]

Dylan Greene shares my distaste for Zack Ryder. Poor Zack, can't catch a break.

HARPOON!! | Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments [#4]

Well then, Sherlock needs to a pig... an abbatoir... and a harpoon.

Future Info Storage | Mass Effect [#4]

SARENNN!!! Mass Effect rolls on with a glimpse into the future of encrypted storage.

You Gotta BO-LIEVE!! | WWE 2K17 MyCareer [#5]

It's time to slap on a brave face and take on the "Inspirational" Bo Dallas